Selection 2019


Official Selection 2019

A Girl’s Room, Drama Feature / 13-20 yrs / co-prod FI/FR / Adastra Films, France

Apple Hills, Comedy TV-Series / 9-12 yrs / co-prod SE/DA / Nice Ninja, Denmark

Between Saajve and the sky, Animation, TV series / 5-8 yrs / Bauta Film AB, Sweden

Contained, Horror Feature / 10-12 yrs / co-prod SE/NO/ MINT AB, Sweden

Divine Consultants, Action Transmedia / 13-16 yrs / co-prod FI/ES/FR/ Filmimaa Oy, Finland

Dounia, Family Transmedia / 6-9 yrs / Tobo, Canada

Grimsby, Action, Horror Feature / 9-12 yrs / Helmet Films & Visual Effects, Norway

Jenny’ Time, Action Feature / 7-12 yrs / Filmbin, Norway

Jette, Comedy TV-series/ 6-9 yrs / IGC Films GmbH, Germany

Lenka The Critical Mouse, Comedy TV-series/ from 6 yrs / Ceska televise, Czech Republic

Little Who Who, Animation TV-series / 3-6 yrs / Recircle, Croatia

Mini Zlatan and Uncle Darling, Feature Drama/6-10 yrs /co-prod SE/NL Snowcloud Films AB, Sweden

mouse & CRANE, Action, Family Multiplatform / 4-7 yrs / Those Eyes, Denmark

Nerdpark, Drama TV-series / 9-13 yrs / Five Corners Production, Finland

Pikkuli and the Starlight Reindeer, Comedy Multiplatform / 4-7 yrs / Sun in Eye Productions, Finland

Ring of Life, Action Feature / 10-12 yrs/ Pronto Films, Ukraine

Sparkle, Drama TV-series/ 14 - 25 yrs/ ANDERTHALB Medienproduktion GmbH, Germany

Table Manners! Timmy, Animation TV series / 4-6 yrs / made in copenhagen Aps, Denmark

The Banana Split, Mix Drama Comedy Realism/12-18 yrs/ Saray Publishing, Egypt

The Knomes, Action, Comedy Multiplatform / 4-9 yrs / The Knomes International ApS, Denmark

The Mars Project, Sci-Fi Action Family TV-series / 8-16 yrs / youngfilms GmbH & Ko. KG, Germany

Truth Hunter #2, Interactive drama-documentary game / 15-55 yrs / PortaPlay, Denmark

Twisted Tales, Webisodes + TV-series + AR & games / 6-8 yrs / Institute for Transmedia Design, Slovenia

Verdisia, Live Action Series + Feature + Game / 13-15 yrs / Brain Academy, Sweden


Kids Cup, Documentary Series/ 10-12 yrs / Medieoperatørene, Norway

Mysteries Art Fart, Documentary Series/ 10-15 yrs/ Cerutti Film, The Netherlands

The Divas, Feature Documentary / 14-26 yrs / Elf Productions, Hungary

RealYoung Development

Land of Šar Documentary Feature /12+ yrs / Petra Pan Film, Macedonia

My Cousin Marilyn, Documentary Series / 6-12 yrs / Story AB, Sweden

To the North, Documentary Feature/ 11-18 yrs / Pråmfilm, Sweden

Selection Criteria:

Highest priority is given to the projects which are deemed to have:

  • Creative ideas and high artistic standards
  • Commercial potential for international distribution
  • Qualified production team
  • Strong financing potential
  • Willingness to and potential for co-production 

The Selection Committee consist of a group of at least three established representatives of the film and media industry.
The Selection Committee represent at least two different European countries.

Participating producers will get an exclusive pitching meeting with our moderator and pitch expert the day before they pitch. This should give the producers the chance to go through the pitch and become even more prepared to present their project in the open arena pitch-session.If your project has been selected, go to the ACCREDITATION page to register.

Price excl. 25% VAT is 2,700 SEK (around 260 €) and gives access to all three days of the Forum for up to two people including meetings with decision-makers.
For teams of 3 or more people the price is 1,000 SEK extra per person.  

This accreditation includes:

- Exclusive consultancy pre-meeting with the Pitch Moderator and FF Line- & Pitch Producer
- Hand-on advices and prepartion techniques 
- Match made one to one meetings with decision-makers
- Observers seat at the Forum Pitching Event 1 + 2 March 13th + 14th
- Access to The Opening Industry Day conference and Evening Mingle
- Two networking lunches
- Four networking coffee breaks
- Exclusive login to The Forum members area
- The indispensable Financing Forum Guide, packed with information and contacts on broadcasters, funders, distributors, commissioning  editors and co-producers-
- Producers meet Producers Breakfast, March 13th
- Evening Cocktail Mingle, March 13th