Parallel Track

Immersive + Digital Factual: A new facet to the Financing Forum!

The Parallel Track runs in "Biblioteket" March 12th from 14:45 - 19:00 at Folk, Mat & Möten

New Business Opportunities: 

Collaboration with museums and other public institutions, seems to offer an array of new business opportunities for content producers. In our opinion, this will most probably count even more so for collaborations on content, that is created to attract and engage Young Audiences. They are brought up surrounded by all sorts of new technologies and infinite access to digital content and are thus being more sensitive and open to digital artistic interpretation and innovative ways of knowledge share. 

We do not learn about culture as we did in the past. Practices are evolving and the cultural offering must be in step with them. The marriage of art and digital technology is the future of the dissemination of art among coming generations.

This is why we are deeply interested in Digital Art and Immersive Experiences, since they seem to increasingly playing a part in museums and galleries.

As a brand new facet of The Financing Forum, we highlight a brilliant case of Immersive Experiences outside our own sphere:

14:45 -15:15 Site specific immersive merge of art and digital technology: teamLab:Massless

We invite you to meet Helsinki’s contemporary art museum Amos Rex’ curator Itha O’Neill, who organized the museums' inaugural exhibition teamLab:Massless, created by Tokyo-based interdisciplinary art collective teamLab, when she speaks about the collaboration with teamLab and Digital Art and Immersive Experiences.

To us it seems that Massless is an exquisite example of an Immersive Experience within a Digital Art frame and on how Museums can collaborate with tech companies and producers of screen content. We hope this case will be an inspiration for our participants, to maybe look at audience engagement and immersive experiences in new ways to follow new paths' on content and collaboration in the future. Both for Decision Makers and for Producers.

15:25 -16:25 Panel Debate: History on Screen for Kids

The 80th anniversary of WWII breaking out, the Moon landing’s’ 50th anniversary and the Fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago are all upcoming occasions to look into serious history, past global milestones and conflicts which the world will commemorate in 2019. But how is History being presented to children and teenagers in European media? Which criteria should history content fulfill to engage young audiences? Are there any topics or eras more suitable than others? Which role does perspective play? And how is History knowledge conveyed in different countries? We find this an important question also in view of children’s media at times orientating programming to national curricula.

With History on Screen for Kids, we aim to start a mutual conversation across borders in Europe, in a time where young audiences more than ever need to understand and gain knowledge about their historical roots and the past in order to be able to better navigate the future in a mature way.


The panel is moderated by Bettina Offermann, VP International at LOOKSfilm a Germany-based production company specialized in history content.

LOOKSfilm and SWR recently produced KIDS OF COURAGE (2018, 8x25') to tell a young audience about how children experienced WWII. The kids jury of GOLDEN SPARROW Children’s Film and Media Festival 2018 awarded the series as best in the documentary/information category.

16:25-16:45  COFFEE BREAK

16:45 -17:15 A Talk about Designing Immersive Experiences

We have invited Jakob la Cour to give us insight and best bets from his impressive track record of making immersive experiences. Jacob has created projects such as 'Mit andet hjem - Se verden med en flygtnings øjne', Kattejammer rock, a virtual reality production, scenography and video projection (2018)Random Magic (2017) where playful phenomenons are manifested in public. Avatar Controller Maze (2014) where you remote control a human using an app. Epiphany of Mr. Nielson (2010) about a magical rite of passage in Nigeria and The Cybernetic Loop (2012) concerning artificial intelligence and cybernetics.

He is specialized in interactive experiences and works with a mix of performing arts, play, and new technology targeting adventurous thrill-seekers. Jakob is currently devoting his time to explore and promote the intersection between play and mysticism.
Presented in collaboration with BOOST HBG

17:20-17:50 How to use transmedia formats -in between games and film- to connect with your young audience!

Experiences on creating a unique broadcast for youth with Finnish broadcaster YLE.

International transmedia expert Asta Wellejus, Digital Director and Producer, gives two exclusive lectures at the Financing Forum.

Olivia17 (2017) and the following season Olivia18 (2018) was a new way of reaching youth for broadcasters. It created a massive hype amongst 13-18 year old Finns and was seen by 20% of them. Olivia17 (2017) was shortlisted for the Emmys, nominated for Prix Italia, and won YLE´s Khora prize for most innovative and effective way of using game and film element, to create a new online format for young people. As part of the Opening Industry Day, the part 1 from 13:55-14:25 will share best practices used to develop the format with the users. From the early script stage, to the final launch.

” The way we engaged the users from early on, is the reason for the success of the experience” says Asta Wellejus

17:55-18:25  World class visualization platform in Sweden:  Wisdome Project

The use of digital visualization techniques offers unprecedented new opportunities for enhancing and improving learning, education and problem solving across sectors.

To promote interest in science and technology, particularly among youth, five leading science centers in Sweden have joined forces with the aim to establish front end visualization theaters and interactive learning environments in Göteborg, Malmö, Norrköping, Stockholm and Umeå. 

Science centers are, in many ways, seen as the spearheads and focal points for the introduction of new learning approaches and paradigms. The dome environment offers a fantastic opportunity to explain complex interrelationships and phenomena typical for our time. 

In Malmö at Malmö Museer, the dome theatre will open in
2020. Meet Genti Cifliku and Mats Fastrup in a talk about Wisdome from a national and local perspective.

18:30-19:00 Docs + Immersive + Platform: LYFTA

Meet Sami Jahnukainen, team-member behind the awardwinning Finnish initiative LYFTA, when he present the new platform, that “Teach Global Citizenship with Immersive Human Stories” ….

19:00-20:30 Opening Cocktail Mingle at Folk, Mat & Möten with a nice welcome from ECFA



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