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We have as usual curated a number of talks and case-studies, that makes the Opening Day a must - so you as participant can sit down, listen, open your mind and get a large amount of industry inspiration in a few hours.

As part of our new facet of Immersive and Digital Factual we highly recommend you to join us March 12

In the afternoon for the presentation of a:

World class visualization platform in Sweden: The  Wisdome Project

The use of digital visualization techniques offers unprecedented new opportunities for enhancing and improving learning, education and problem solving across a broad base.

To promote interest in science and technology, particularly among young people, five leading science centers in Sweden have joined forces and will establish front end visualization dome theaters and interactive learning environments in Göteborg, Malmö, Norrköping, Stockholm and Umeå. Science centers are, in many ways, seen as the spearheads and focal points for the introduction of new learning approaches and paradigms. The dome environment offers a fantastic opportunity to explain complex interrelationships and phenomena typical for our time. 

In Malmö at Malmö Museer, the dome theatre will open in 2020. Meet some of the creators and producers in a talk about Wisdome.

KAW 1w

Photo: ©Visualiseringscenter i Norrköping, Barabild.se

Read more about all the slots of The Parallel Track, and the Opening Industry Day, which runs March 12th from 1 pm

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My Grandpa is an Alien pitched at The Financing Forum in 2015 by Studio Dim, Croatia and directed by Dražen Žarković, Marina Andree Škop will premiere in Cinemas in Croatia March 21st.

The film is sold to the following territories: Former Yugoslavia, Benelux, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the film is selected to screen in the main competition program for City of Malmö’s Children’s Film Award and in the screening program for ECFA Award during BUFF Filmfestival 2019.

Producers Darija Kulenović Gudan and Marina Andree Škop says:

"One of the best experiences in organised one-to-one meetings we had at the Financing Forum for Kids Content in Malmo. We will surely attend it again with our next project"

My Grandpa is an Alian is an extraordinary adventure of a girl and an alien robot in a mission to save her partly alien family: Una (9) and alien robot have 24 hours to find her Grandpa which is kiddnaped by aliens. This extraordinary adventure will lead to a new friendship, the rational robotic logic will be replaced by emotions and Una's selfless love will save her partly alien family.

Grandpa still2w

From My Grandpa is an Alien , courtesy of Sudio Dim


Deadline for registration as ObserverPLUS is 20/2 2019 23:50 CET!

As an ObserverPLUS you have access to the entire Forum Event, all three days. Launch your project together with our Match Maker, who can set up one-to-one meetings with present decision makers or future co-production partners. Network during lunches and coffee breaks and be inspired by the visions, ideas and experimental projects presented during our different Tracks of The Opening Industry Day and during the Pitching Events. Don’t miss our social events in the evening, where you can enjoy a drink and the informal atmosphere and vivid discussions of the contemporary kids and youth content scene. All this is included in your accreditation! Here you can make your accreditation with a project